Isabella Coal 250 Annex CX Frame

Isabella-Coal-250-Annex-lb-1CX Frame

Price: £608.00


  • Prisma
  • Ambassador
  • Capri Coal
  • Magnum 250 Coal
  • As well as some older models

Ground: 140 x 250 cm · Material: Isacryl.


Complete with lightweight Super strong CarbonX frame

Annex with maximum height and lightweight frame
Annex 250 Coal is made of breathable Isacryl with fold-down external flaps over the windows. The annex has large windows and full standing height, making it suitable for use as a ‘conservatory’ or living room. The lightweight CarbonX frame keeps the weight down, making the annex extremely touring-friendly. Annex 250 Coal is in dark colours, making it a pleasant place to sleep, and practical and easy to clean.

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