CO-VID 19 Statement

COVID – 19 Statement

Given the considerable uncertainty that is being created around the rapid spread of COVID – 19 (Coronavirus), we thought you would appreciate an update on our state of readiness and contingency plans.

We are closely following the situation and following the advice given by the relevant authorities.

We currently remain open and our aim is to keep operating as normal as possible. We are actively preparing for various eventualities and scenarios. If circumstances change with regard to Caravan Servicing or collection of Caravans, we will endeavour to inform customers of the new arrangements.

As a general precaution we are advising our team to keep physical contact to a minimum and we are recommending against hand shaking generally, so please do not be offended if you are not offered a hand shake by the RJC team.

The on-going developments have reaffirmed our commitment to the safety and well being of our staff, customers and visitors. This will remain our number one priority and we continue to take suitable precautions, including:

  • Advising all visitors that if they have travelled from any designated ‘lockdown areas’ or ‘special care zones’ in the last 14 days they should not visit us. We still welcome contact by phone or e-mail in these circumstances.
  • We have recommended that all staff displaying recognisable coronavirus symptoms follow the current Government and NHS advice.
  • Providing staff and visitors with NHS advice for hand hygiene.We will continue to follow advice issued by the Government and NHS and keep you updated.However, rest assured that Raymond James Caravans remains open for business and fully committed to helping our customers in any way possible.

16 March 2020