FireAngel SI-601 Ionisation Smoke Alarm Detector with Easy Hush – Battery Included


Price: £8.99


The FireAngel SI-610 is an ionisation smoke alarm fitted with a sealed 10 year lithium battery designed to last the life of the alarm. Ideal for early warning of fast-flaming fires, the SI-610 provides quick detection of small smoke particles associated with fires that spread rapidly.

  • Battery powered smoke alarm – sealed 10 year long life battery
  • Tamper-proof battery does not need to be replaced for the life of the alarm
  • CE marked and LPCB tested to BS EN 14604
  • Test and hush button feature
  • Designed to ease testing and silencing nuisance alarms
  • Ionisation sensor – quick to detect fast-flaming fires
  • 10 year manufacturers warranty
  • Suitable for installations complying to BS 5839-6: 2013 Grade F
  • Stylish, ergonomic profile