Telta – Soul 490 Air Awning





The largest and flagship of the Telta Range of awnings, the two sizable Soul models offer strikingly good looks and functional contemporary design. The combined span of each model’s lightly-tinted panoramic windows offers a magnificent view outwards and each of the front panels can be removed, lowered or rolled back according to the prevailing temperature and weather conditions. A wide front canopy adds to the models’ overall appearance whilst protecting the front wall. Both Soul models share the standard depth of 275cm.

Materials – Fully breathable, rugged & UV resistant, these awnings have been developed in response to historic feedback from customers. The fabrics are lighter weight than traditional breathable materials and create a breathable awning that we believe is both convenient and suitable for touring use, where other breathable awnings may be too heavy.

Windows & Curtains – High quality windows with an added tint of privacy. Telta windows are designed to with-stand a wide range of temperatures, from snow to blistering heat. Curtains are often the most criticised component in an awning, Telta curtains are made from premium fabric to enhance the interior, they have a superior feel and hang with a look of quality. On Telta awnings the curtain track is attached to the side panels, not the wall. This allows the side panels to be lowered complete with the curtains.

Removable Panels – All panels, front and side, are able to be zipped out, with some further front panel features unique to each of the awning design. Taller and wider side panels allow for easy access to the awnings without the need to crouch, whilst also offering taller and wider annexe options that expand the usable space. Secondary mesh panels can be found behind both side doors for ventilation.

One Point Inflation – Telta awnings are inflated from a single point of inflation. Each of the inflatable tubes are linked together through isolation valves that provide the benefits of both being able to inflate the entire awning from just one external inflation valve, whilst also being able to stop the air-flow between tubes in the unlikely event that a tube becomes damaged. Deflation valves at the base of the legs allow for the tubes to quickly be deflated in a controlled manor, so there is no need to deflate each of the air tubes individually.

Protective Sleeves – Traditionally, inflatable TPU tubes have been protected by either a PE or mixed polyester/PE protective sleeve. Telta awnings utilise a nylon sleeve, improving reliability whilst lowering the weight and pack size of this product.

Adjustable Height – suitable for connection to caravans and motorhomes between the heights of 235 – 280cm. Zipped fastenings can be adjusted on the side walls of the awnings, both internally and externally, to adjust the height ranges by 15cm at a time.

  • Zips closed: 235-250cm
  • One Zip open: 250-265cm
  • Two Zips open: 265-280cm

A double pitched roof helps with water run off whilst also ensuring that there is plenty of room for the vehicle door to be opened into the awning without catching on the roof.