Acadia may be deemed Coachman’s ‘base range’, but the quality of the layouts and build seems exceptional


Coachman’s new-look Acadia caravans for 2024 deliver everything we’ve come to expect from the Hull-based manufacturer: style, comfort, versatility and practicality.
These four luxury caravans come in standard (seven-foot-five-inch) and Xtra (eight-foot) widths.

The standard-width 545 and 575 roll on single axles, while the wider 630 Xtra and 660 Xtra boast twin-axles, which some believe makes caravans even more stable.

All Acadias feature refreshed exterior graphics, light-grey side panels and white ABS front and rear panels. Add in the dark-tinted windows and you have four very cool-looking tourers.

Overall, the Acadias look modern and aerodynamic, without relying on lots of stuck-on plastic accoutrements.

Inside, the Acadias get soft-close hinges on their top lockers, a ventilated microwave oven, and integral USB sockets in the fixed-bed spotlights. The single axles feature a 91-litre Thetford fridge/freezer, while twin axles have huge 137-litre equivalents. Alde wet central heating is standard.

Finally, a Teleco Teleplus TV aerial with DAB radio reception is now fitted as standard across the range.


Acadia 545

Caravan Review: Coachman Acadia & Acadia Xtra 2024 range -Raymond James Caravans

This van has a traditional front-end lounge with parallel sofas separated by a useful centre console. This tourer is light and airy, thanks to its large window area, including a vast panoramic roof window.

The kitchen is adjacent and has a Thetford dual-fuel hob (3 gas rings + 1 electric) along with a grill and oven, there’s also decent storage in cupboards and lockers. A fold-up worktop extension gives more space for meal prep, and opposite is more worktop area with a decent-sized fridge beneath. At head height there’s a flatbed ventilated microwave.

A ’corridor’ cleverly separates the bedroom from the living area. On one side is a large shower cubicle, and opposite is a separate room with toilet, washbasin and heated towel rail.


Caravan Review: Coachman Acadia & Acadia Xtra 2024 range -Raymond James Caravans

Caravan Review: Coachman Acadia & Acadia Xtra 2024 range -Raymond James Caravans


This ‘en-suite’ layout means the entire bedroom area can be separated from the front of the tourer using one or both doors, which is excellent for privacy. Front, make-up bed users don’t have to traipse through the rear bedroom to use the loo either. Win, win!

The bedroom features an extending island bed coming off the rear wall. It’s a luxurious setting, and each occupant gets a small wardrobe, bedside table, and locker, plus, of course, there’s voluminous storage (for lightweight payload) under the bed.


Acadia 575

Caravan Review: Coachman Acadia & Acadia Xtra 2024 range -Raymond James Caravans

The 575 shares a traditional parallel-sofa-plus-console lounge area with the 545. It feels airy, light and spacious partly thanks to the ageless, light-grey upholstery. Top locker storage, a Din-sized stereo FM radio and neat, chrome spotlights all add to the sense that Coachman has thought of everything.

The kitchen is similar to the 545, too. There’s a stainless-steel sink with stylish, pivoting chrome mixer tap, next to the Thetford hob, grill and oven. Worktop space is enhanced with a fold-up extension, and there’s more worktop behind the cook, too, above a 93-litre low-level fridge/freezer. A kitchen-area rooflight helps to create a positive airflow to reduce cooking odours.

The 575 varies from the 545 in the bedroom department, which is found in the middle of the caravan, so this tourer has a washroom at the rear.


Caravan Review: Coachman Acadia & Acadia Xtra 2024 range -Raymond James Caravans

Caravan Review: Coachman Acadia & Acadia Xtra 2024 range -Raymond James Caravans


The transverse, fixed double bed comes off the nearside wall and extends at bedtime, allowing for a wider walkway when it’s not in use. Both occupants get a side table, reading light and wardrobe, plus there are three sizeable lockers above the bed.

The spacious washroom, with its swivel-seat Thetford loo, generously-sized shower and stylish basin, is accessed via a sliding door. It also features a heated towel rail and plenty of storage.


Acadia 630 Xtra

Caravan Review: Coachman Acadia & Acadia Xtra 2024 range -Raymond James Caravans

Apart from having four stylish, black, diamond-cut Laufen alloy wheels instead of two, the 630 Xtra shares its elegant external appearance with the Acadia four-berths.
Step inside, though, and the ‘Xtra’ is immediately apparent, as the added seven inches of width makes itself felt!

I can never get over how such a modest ‘enlargement’ makes such a huge difference to the feeling of spaciousness in a caravan. These eight-foot-wide Acadias, really do feel like luxury hotel rooms on wheels – except this one is a family sized room!

The vast L-shaped sofa is super-comfy, with plenty of room for five to cuddle up and watch a movie. This area quickly makes-up into a huge bed at night. Next to it, is a similarly oversized side-diner, which also converts into a large bed. This layout really does look great for harmonious family hols… even if it’s raining!


Caravan Review: Coachman Acadia & Acadia Xtra 2024 range -Raymond James Caravans

Caravan Review: Coachman Acadia & Acadia Xtra 2024 range -Raymond James Caravans


The kitchen has exceptional worktop space on two levels, lots of storage, a stylish sink and versatile Thetford hob and oven.

Next to the kitchen is a wardrobe and drawers, and opposite those are two bunks for the kids, which are wider than many caravnning-kids’ beds. Each bunk gets its own window and privacy curtain, too.

Finally, at the back of the van is a good-sized and tasteful washroom, with a toilet, heated towel rail, contemporary-style basin, and large shower, that’s adequate for XL-sized caravanners.

Acadia 660 Xtra

Caravan Review: Coachman Acadia & Acadia Xtra 2024 range -Raymond James Caravans

The 660Xtra shares the brilliant lounge and side-diner of the 630, but this model opts for a fixed double (French-style) bed instead of the make-up-bed-and-bunks combo.

The fixed bed is enclosed on 3.5 sides, so very private, but also relatively easy to access. It’s located next to the well-sized washroom, with its swivel Thetford loo, stylish basin, heated towel rail and large shower cubicle.

Again, the sheer amount of space is immediately apparent when you get inside this tourer. I dare say, it would be very easy to sleep two adults and four (sub-teen) kids comfortably, as both the lounge and diner quickly convert to sizeable beds.

Storage in the kitchen is excellent, and the diner table offers extra prep space to complement the work top. A dual-fuel, four-burner Thetford oven and hob is perfect for family cooking, and the large sink should aid the kids washing up (I’m joking!).


Caravan Review: Coachman Acadia & Acadia Xtra 2024 range -Raymond James Caravans

Caravan Review: Coachman Acadia & Acadia Xtra 2024 range -Raymond James Caravans


A tall, slim-line fridge freezer offers sufficient cooling space to cater for larger families.

Like its Acadia brethren. The 660 has shock absorbers for smoother towing, a Whale external BBQ gas point, double-glazed windows, excellent insulation for four-season touring, fully-bonded awning rails (so, no troublesome screwholes) and superior fixtures and fittings all round (including dovetail-jointed furniture and soft-close lockers).

All-in-all, this is a world-class tourer that matches comfort and convenience to an almost matchless standard.

Summing up the Coachman Acadia and Acadia Xtra Caravan 2024 Ranges

Right across the range, these Acadias have a real feeling of quality about them. The layouts are versatile, too, so there’s something for everyone.

Smaller families, or couples who have occasional guests, will love the 545 and 575, while, families who need lots of space, will find that the 630 and 660 are sensational options.

I’ve seen few caravan interiors as stylish and tempting as these amazing Coachmans.






















Coachman’s 2024 luxury Lasers caravans have reached new heights (and sizes) in Xcel form. Let’s see exactly how good a caravan can get

Coachman’s four 2024 Laser Xcel tourers – the 845, 850, 855 and 875 – are bringing domestic practicality, comfort and luxury to a campsite near you!

These sumptuous, eight-foot wide caravans all run on twin-axles for added stability on the road, and are jam packed with high-quality furnishings, well-appointed kitchens, opulent washrooms and super-comfy bedrooms.

For me, these are luxury couple’s caravans, but families of four could also experience the extravagant touring lifestyle they can offer, with smaller kids (or guests) sleeping on the vast make-up front beds.

Each Laser is constructed with insulative 25mm wall panels, consisting of an aluminium-skin and polystyrene-cores. Meanwhile, the floors are made of 45mm insulated sandwich-composite.

Throw in Alde’s fantastic programmable, wet central-heating system, and you have true four-season tourers, that will offer cosy and warm retreats from the worst weather a British winter can muster.

Coachman has improved the already-impressive spec of its 2023 models, by adding 40-litre onboard water tanks; voluminous 159-litre Thetford fridge/freezers and Teleco Teleplus TV aerials with DAB radio reception, plus a host of other desirable practical and styling additions.

Laser Xcel 845

Caravan Review: Coachman Laser Xcel Caravan Range [2024] Raymond James Caravans


This lavish tourer features a plush L-shaped sofa next to a slim console cupboard. The floor is a durable vinyl, but these Lasers come with deep-pile, loose-lay carpet for added warmth and cosiness. The sofa converts into a vast double bed for guests or kids.


Caravan Review: Coachman Laser Xcel Caravan Range [2024] Raymond James Caravans

Caravan Review: Coachman Laser Xcel Caravan Range [2024] Raymond James Caravans

Adjacent is a stylish, compact L-shaped kitchen which boasts a fold-up extension, lots of storage, stainless steel sink (with cool, flexible mixer-tap nozzle) and a versatile Thetford hob and oven. Opposite is a 159-litre fridge/freezer at a useful mid-height, with additional worktop space next to it.

A corridor, with the spacious shower on one side and well-equipped washroom on the other, leads to the rear bedroom, with its island bed coming off the back wall. The dark wood-effect wall panels exude a quality feel which is enhanced by the layered lighting options and multi-angle reading lights. The bed retracts in the daytime to create more space in the bedroom.

Laser Xcel 850

Caravan Review: Coachman Laser Xcel Caravan Range [2024] Raymond James Caravans

The new 850 model offers luxury couple’s accommodation that few airbnbs can match. Parallel sofas in the lounge feature premium, sprung construction and high-quality, durable grey fabrics. The ‘hygge’ quotient is enhanced with three tasteful cushions on each side, in coordinating shades of beige and gold.


Caravan Review: Coachman Laser Xcel Caravan Range [2024] Raymond James Caravans

Caravan Review: Coachman Laser Xcel Caravan Range [2024] Raymond James Caravans

Like the other Laser Xcels, the kitchen offers expanding worktop space, three drawers, plus a pan locker and a large cupboard for provisions. A large locker and the flatbed, ventilated microwave are at head height, with a rooflight/vent above.

The washroom and shower are found ‘amidships’ separating the lounge and kitchen from the bedroom rather neatly. The washroom has a large mirror and lots of cupboard storage, plus a super-stylish bowl-style washbasin in a dark mushroom colour. On one side is a heated towel rail, with a Thetford swivel loo opposite.

The shower has a transparent hinged door, and is big enough for the larger caravanner. The shower tap and showerhead both look like quality items, and the unit has two small, built-in shelves.

Laser Xcel 855

Caravan Review: Coachman Laser Xcel Caravan Range [2024] Raymond James Caravans

Step inside the luxurious Laser Xcel 855 and you’re immediately confronted by one of the biggest (and comfiest-looking) sofas in the world of caravans. This L-shaped settee has deep, sprung cushions, and occupants are treated to a lovely bright and airy environment, thanks to the large windows and huge front roof-window.

That said, the nearside front window is missing, having been replaced by a mount for a pleasingly-large 32in television. I can’t think of any other caravan that looks quite as inviting as this for a night watching a movie with the ‘other-half’ or family.

Caravan Review: Coachman Laser Xcel Caravan Range [2024] Raymond James Caravans

Caravan Review: Coachman Laser Xcel Caravan Range [2024] Raymond James Caravans

The kitchen sits on the nearside, and has plenty of worktop space with the fold-up extension in place. A good-sized sink and Thetford hob (three gas burners and an electric hotplate) deliver domestic levels of practicality.

The rear bedroom is separated from the lounge and kitchen by the mid-washroom arrangement, which has the large shower on one side, opposite the well-equipped washroom with its loo, basin and towel rail.
The bedroom has an island double bed coming off the offside wall. The bed base lifts to reveal a vast storage space below, and also retracts to create a wider walkway around the bed, during the day. A window on the rear wall and a rooflight provide plenty of daylight illumination.

Laser Xcel 875Caravan Review: Coachman Laser Xcel Caravan Range [2024] Raymond James Caravans


The 875 is a dream of a couple’s caravan, as it just feels so spacious and welcoming – from the sumptuous parallel front sofas to the opulent island double bed in the middle of the van.

Like all Lasers the kitchen is well equipped, with top-class appliances and bags of practical storage, there’s also lots of space for people to get past the cook (which isn’t always the case). The highlight is perhaps the capacious fridge, which will provide more than enough chilled storage for four.

A neat concertina screen pulls across easily, to separate the bedroom from the front of the tourer.

Caravan Review: Coachman Laser Xcel Caravan Range [2024] Raymond James Caravans

Caravan Review: Coachman Laser Xcel Caravan Range [2024] Raymond James Caravans

In this van, the washroom is at the rear, and divided from the rest of the caravan by a sliding door. It’s one of the most spacious washrooms around, with plenty of floorspace, as well as a Thetford swivel toilet, bowl-style basin, large shower and lots of storage.


The devil’s in the detail with these vans. You can see Coachman’s focus on ‘going the extra mile’ in its dovetailed furniture joints and the soft-close function on many of its lockers and drawers.

But if details aren’t your thing, just immerse yourself in a specification list that puts many competitors to shame – seriously, we’re talking three pages of A4!

Yep, the Laser Xcel range genuinely gives all other tourers a run for their money, so get yourself down to Raymond James Caravans in Atherstone to check them out.
























Coachman Laser caravans have always been among the most luxurious tourers available. So, what do the new-for-2024 models have in store?

Coachman’s three 2024 Laser Xtra tourers – the 545, 575 and 665 – are luxurious eight-foot wide caravans. The 545 and 575 feature single axles, while the 665 Xtra has twin-axles, all three deliver exceptional living spaces with well-thought-out lounges, kitchens, bedrooms and washrooms. in this eight-foot-wide format, they genuinely feel like extravagant apartments!

In addition to the already amazing spec of the 2023 models, these Lasers offer 40-litre onboard water tanks; spacious fridge/freezers (137 litres in the 545 and 575, and 159 litres in the 665), ventilated microwaves, flexible black and chrome kitchen taps, black LED reading spotlights and a Teleco Teleplus TV aerial with DAB radio reception.

Each Laser is constructed using very insulative 25mm aluminium-skin-polystyrene-core sidewalls, and 45mm insulated sandwich-construction floor with extra bracing. This means the Lasers are ideal four-season tourers, especially as they boast Alde’s excellent programmable, wet central-heating system with radiators discretely tucked away behind sofas and stylish boxing.

Externally, the Lasers have contemporary light-grey side panels with 3D decals, and aerodynamic, white ABS front and rear panels. Stylish 10-spoke alloys finish off the look perfectly.

Laser 545 Xtra

Caravan Review: Coachman Laser Xtra Caravan Range [2024] Raymond James Caravans

This tourer is light and airy with the huge, ‘banquette-style’ L-shaped sofa adding a real sense of extravagance to proceedings. All furnishings feature superior, sprung-construction and the plush, dark-grey material matches the stylish wood-effect wall panels perfectly, while the large window area and vast front roof window let light stream into the caravan. Six plump, colour-coordinated cushions only enhance the sense of indulgence that this van exudes. Safe to say, visitors will be green with envy!

The 545’s kitchen is also L-shaped, and features a fold-up worktop extension, to provide additional prep space. The composite worktop is stylish and hard-wearing in a ‘white-pebble’ finish, while the sink tap features more innovation, with its black flexible spout, which can be manipulated and twisted to make washing-up easier. A circular ‘fill-in’ panel covers the sink when it’s not in use.

Caravan Review: Coachman Laser Xtra Caravan Range [2024] Raymond James Caravans


The dual-fuel Thetford hob (3 gas rings + 1 electric) sits above a grill and decent-sized over. Opposite is a tall, slimline 137-litre fridge with adequate food storage for four or more. All the Laser windows feature Softrollo pleated blinds and flyscreens.

Beyond the kitchen, the 545 narrows, with a ‘corridor’ leading to the bedroom. This delivers a pleasing sense of separation and privacy, and, as the shower room is on one side and the loo and basin on the other, it means that front-bed occupants don’t have to ‘sneak’ through the bedroom to get to the bathroom in the night! This really is a great layout on so many levels, especially as not one, but two doors can be used to separate the bedroom.


Caravan Review: Coachman Laser Xtra Caravan Range [2024] Raymond James Caravans


The shower is generously-sized, so even XL caravanners won’t be bashing their elbows, and the washroom has similarly ample proportions. It features Thetford’s swivel loo, Alde heated towel rail and a stylish bowl-style basin. You’ll never want to visit a campsite loo block again!

This layout gives a real sense of having a luxury en-suite bedroom, and this feeling is only heightened by the retracting island double bed that comes off the rear wall. As well as sleeping on a quality foam mattress, each occupant gets a wardrobe, bedside table, flexible reading light (with USB charging port) and magazine/book holder. Plus, there are three spacious lockers above the bed.

Laser 575 Xtra

Caravan Review: Coachman Laser Xtra Caravan Range [2024] Raymond James Caravans


This tourer shares its overall dimensions with the 545, but the lounge has reverted to the traditional parallel-sofas layout, with a fold-away table that can be positioned between them for dining. The extra width of this eight-footer, makes that dining experience more pleasurable, as there’s ample legroom and sofa length for four.

A front console between the sofas provides practical storage with its deep drawer and locker beneath, and its pull-out table top.

At night, the illumination inside the Lasers is quite something, letting you create that perfect ‘hygge’ environment of soft mood-lighting, and more intense, multidirectional reading lights. Coachman calls this ‘layered lighting’, with ‘integrated downlighting’ to enhance the ambiance. It genuinely enriches the environment, and the sense of cosiness.


Caravan Review: Coachman Laser Xtra Caravan Range [2024] Raymond James Caravans


The L-shaped kitchen worktop has an extension flap and sits above three drawers and an under-counter lock. With top lockers, too, there’s ample storage.

The all-in-one Thetford hob, grill and oven, has a pan locker below. Opposite this is a tall and slim 137-litre Thetford fridge/freezer.

Behind the kitchen is the bedroom with its large, retracting island bed butting up to the nearside wall. Again, each occupant gets a wardrobe, bedside table and locker, and three top lockers are positioned above the bed. The retracting bed means that there’s ample walkway space to access the rear washroom when the bed’s not in use.


Caravan Review: Coachman Laser Xtra Caravan Range [2024] Raymond James Caravans


The elegant washroom traverses the rear of the van and features a Thetford toilet, a chic washbasin, an Alde heated towel rail and a large shower cubicle. The fixtures and fittings are exceptional and the washroom exudes an air of luxury and comfort.

On the outside, Laser caravans share a whole host of additional features. These include: an underslung (steel) spare wheel, shock absorbers for smoother towing, heavy-duty corner steadies for stability and a Whale cold shower, gas BBQ point, and a 230V external socket.

Laser 665 Xtra

Caravan Review: Coachman Laser Xtra Caravan Range [2024] Raymond James Caravans

The 665 is 18 inches longer than the other new Laser Xtras, and shares its rear-bedroom layout with the 545, although, in this case, the beds come in twin-single form, rather than a double. This increasingly-popular bed choice, gets a boost in the 665, as the two singles are extra wide, with a good walkway to the mid-washroom between them.


Caravan Review: Coachman Laser Xtra Caravan Range [2024] Raymond James Caravans


Like the 545, having the shower room and washroom in the middle of the caravan, creates an en-suite effect and more privacy for those in the bedroom. Both washing facilities are spacious and stylish, and the two-position door to the washroom/loo serves a dual purpose, in that it can seal off the rear of the caravan, or just provide privacy for those using the washroom. It’s a neat bit of design.

The 665 kitchen combines decent worktop space with excellent storage, a sizeable fridge and a versatile oven, grill and hob unit from Thetford.


Caravan Review: Coachman Laser Xtra Caravan Range [2024] Raymond James Caravans


The 665’s lounge has parallel sofas with deep sprung cushioning for excellent comfort and cosiness. Two occupants can bag a sofa each, get their feet up (shoes off!) and watch a TV positioned on the bulkhead next to the fridge. There would be few nicer places to chill out and relax!


These new Coachman Laser Xtras, really are something – three versatile layouts with options on beds, lounges and washrooms. Everything from the upholstery to the lighting effects, and the premium foam mattresses to the XL-sized shower cubicles is designed to deliver the highest levels of comfort, practicality, privacy and, let’s face it, show-off-ability!
These really are next-level caravans.























Review of the Coachman Lusso Caravan Range for 2024

Lusso is Coachman’s new elite range. The Hull-based manufacturer had already set a high bar, so just how good are these new, improved tourers?

Coachman’s new Lusso caravans take luxury, comfort and practicality to new levels.
For 2024, there are two vans in the range, the single-axle Lusso I and the twin-axle Lusso II, which measures almost half-a-metre longer. 46.5cm may not sound like a lot, but it does add noticeable interior space to the extravagant Lusso II.

Both vans feature a whole host of added extras, including air-conditioning courtesy of Truma, Alde wet central heating, E&P’s brilliant self-levelling system, shock absorbers for smoother towing, an under-locker extractor fan, a 40-litre onboard freshwater tank, a Phantom Vanguard alarm system, a 100W solar panel and even a Dometic safe!

Add to that all of Coachman’s standard fare, like premium upholstery and stylish interior design, and you have a range of tourers that can compete with any opposition in the luxury-lifestyle stakes.

Both Lussos have bold interior and exterior styling touches that set them apart from their peers, and despite their size and weight they are easy and safe to tow thanks to their excellent AL-KO chassis and suspension, plus AL-KO’s essential ATC safety system and the company’s AKS 3004 hitch stabiliser.

Lusso living really does give comfort and convenience on the campsite, a new meaning!

Lusso ICoachman Lusso range [2024] Raymond James


Coachman Lusso range [2024] Raymond James Step inside the Lusso I and you’re immediately confronted by the vast L-shaped sofa in dark grey. The furniture features superior sprung upholstery and high-quality, premium fabrics. This is enhanced with six coordinating cushions in various shades of grey and silver. The dark fabrics and med-dark wood panels add an air of class and exclusivity, but the large windows and front roof window keep this living area feeling bright and spacious.

In the locker above the sofa is the Teleco Teleplus TV aerial with integrated FM/DAM receiver. The Lusso is also 5G-ready – ideal if you need to work (or stream TV shows) while you’re away.

Next to the lounge is an L-shaped kitchen with excellent worktop space and very good storage options. The composite ‘Silver Pebble’ worktop features a useful fold-up extension, and has a circular stainless steel sink set into it. This can be covered with a drop-in circular insert to increase workspace further.

A snazzy, chrome mixer tap with flexible black, latex spout is designed to make washing up and rinsing easier.

A Thetford, oven (3+1) hob and grill gives the caravan cook plenty of options, and opposite this there’s a slimline 137-litre fridge/freezer.

A large ‘letterbox’ window sits behind the worktop, which is ideal for removing cooking odours from the van.

The kitchen is separated from the bedroom by a fabric concertina, pull-across blind.

Coachman Lusso range [2024] Raymond James

The spacious bedroom has a double, island bed coming off the off-side wall panel. The bed base lifts easily to reveal storage space below, plus each bed occupant has a bedside table and locker, with four further lockers above the bed. A wardrobe and cabinet at the foot of the bed offer further room for clothes and footwear.


At the rear of the Lusso is a spacious washroom with stylishly-designed fixtures and fittings: a Thetford swivel-seat loo, Alde heated towel rail, contemporary bowl-design basin and a large shower cubicle.

Coachman Lusso range [2024] Raymond James

Both Lussos come with deep-pile, stain-resistant loose-lay carpets, though these are not included in the photographs where you see a hard-wearing, vinyl covering in a Grey French-Oak design.

The bedroom also has a large mirror, dressing-table area and all connections for a TV.

Lusso IICoachman Lusso range [2024] Raymond James


Coachman’s Lusso II shares its super-sized sofa with its sibling in a lounge area that also has a narrow console and worktop on the nearside wall. This could be the ideal place to pop a free-standing TV.

Coachman Lusso range [2024] Raymond James

The van is warmed with Alde’s brilliant wet central heating, its radiators cleverly concealed behind the furniture. It also has an alarm sensor, stereo and speakers, flexi-spotlights, a wireless phone charger and enough legroom for four adults… easily.


The L-shaped kitchen offers masses of storage space, both low-down and at head height, and a useful amount of worktop space that makes cooking for four or more a doddle.
The Thetford hob has three gas burners and one electric hotplate, framed by a stylish cast-iron trivet. The cooker also boasts a good-sized grill and fan-assisted oven. Below it is a pan locker, while above is a premium Russell Hobbs flatbed microwave, designed to cook food more evenly.

Opposite the oven is a 159-litre fridge/freezer which has separate compartments and doors.

Directly to the rear of the fridge is a neatly-concealed, fabric, concertina blind, which pulls across to provide privacy to bedroom occupants, and next to this is a suite of wardrobes and drawers. These are doubly impressive, as, not only do they feature dovetail construction, but the drawers have soft-close mechanisms (as do the kitchen drawers). These are neat touches which really highlight the lengths that Coachman has gone to with its 2024 tourers.

Coachman Lusso range [2024] Raymond James

The retractable, double, island bed, can be pushed back during the day, to allow easier access to the rear washroom, or when you might just be reclining on the bed to read or relax. It also lifts up to reveal a vast storage space below. The Lusso II also has a chic padded headboard in a coordinating grey, velvet fabric; bedside tables with two deep drawers and mirrors; a small shelf for phone charging or a watch, plus multi-angle reading lights. It’s a superb place to sleep.

Finally, at the rear of the caravan is a large transverse washroom, with lots of floorspace, an XL-sized shower cubicle, elegant bowl-style basin in grey, flexi mixer tap, Thetford toilet and Alde heated towel rain. A double-width mirror adds to the sense of quality and space, while a rooflight increases ventilation.

Caravan Review: Coachman Lusso Caravan Range [2024]

These two Lusso vans really do offer next-level caravanning, with almost every home comfort you can dream of cleverly included. As global temperatures appear to rise unabated, the air-conditioning will be a boon to many caravanners, especially those that venture south on the continent. Meanwhile, highly insulated wall and floor panels allied with Alde central-heating make these true four-season tourers, meaning buyers can really maximise the use of their investment.

Cooks will love the Lussos (as will their guests), and if you just want to chill-out and relax there really is nowhere better – especially if you find a pitch with a view. Safe to say, if you paid £200-plus for a hotel room anywhere, you’d be very happy if this is where you got to stay!
























Coachman’s VIP range for 2024 is as extensive as it is brilliant.

Five standard-width VIPs – in two, three and four-berth layouts – cater for all caravanners with high expectations of their mobile accommodation.

As the name suggests, the Coachman’s VIP range offers a level of leisure-lifestyle luxury that few caravans can match.

VIP comes in a variety of popular layouts, and excels in every department, from sleeping to lounging, and cooking to washing. The materials and fabrics that Coachman has chosen exude quality at every turn, and the designers’ attention to detail is both impressive and reassuring.

Coachman’s interior designers have gone to town on these 2024 VIPs, which boast luxurious soft furnishings with co-ordinating scatter cushions; cranked-style locker doors and contemporary worktop surfaces that are as stylish as they are hardwearing.

You’ll also find a ventilated microwave (which uses flatbed technology to cook more evenly), high-quality and capacious Thetford fridges (91-litre in the single axles, 159-litres in the twin axles), plus a new Teleco Teleplus TV aerial for improved reception.

VIP 575

Coachman VIP range [2024] Raymond James


This sumptuous, single-axle tourer has a traditional front lounge with parallel sofas and a large, practical console in between. The darker wood effects add a real sense of quality and class to the interior, but don’t think for a second that the VIP interior is dark, as six Primo Polyplastic windows let light flood in.

The front panoramic roof window in particular spreads natural light throughout the lounge and kitchen, and, while it does have a blind, you never need to use them as no-one can see through a window at this height.

So, let’s check out the details: a high-quality, Din-sized stereo system powers two speakers in the front pillars; four multi-angle reading/spot lights add to the ambience at night and there’s even a cable-free phone charger on the front window sill.

The kitchen is compact, but comprehensively kitted-out with a folding worktop extension, round sink (with fill-in panel to expand the prep space), stylish chrome mixer tap, combined Thetford hob, grill and oven… and oodles of storage space.


Coachman VIP range [2024] Raymond James


Opposite is a low-level, 91-litre Thetford fridge/freezer, with even more usable worktop space above, and, above that is the aforementioned microwave. This is both a functional and stylish place to cook.

A combination of wall panels and an extending concertina blind, separate the front living space from the bedroom. The bed is a transverse, island double with a large storage space below the easy-lift bed base and mattress. Being close to the axle, slightly heavier stuff can be stored under here.

The bed has a high-quality foam mattress and retracts in the day to allow a wider walkway to the rear washroom.

Each occupant gets a wardrobe, bedside table, reading light and locker space… and, we’re pretty sure, a great night’s sleep.

The washroom is accessed via a sliding door and contains a Thetford electric-flush toilet, Alde heated towel rail, stylish basin with chrome tap and a super-sized shower cubicle.

VIP 675

Coachman VIP range [2024] Raymond James


The lavish VIP 675 offers quite similar accommodation and luxury to the 575, but it rolls on twin axles, which gives a more stable tow.

The parallel-sofa lounge is very comfortable with superior sprung furnishings and co-ordinating cushions, while a centre console with locker, large drawer and extending tabletop separates the two sofas.

The kitchen has wider drawers than the 575 but otherwise is similarly spec’d with oven, grill, hob and microwave. Where it does exceed the brilliant 575, is in the fridge department, where this tourer boasts a massive,159-litre fridge-freezer combo.


Coachman VIP range [2024] Raymond James


The 675 has a large transverse, island, double-bed with plenty of storage and hanging space for its inhabitants to utilise, while excellent blinds on the window and rooflight ensure the bedroom can be kept very dark even on those bright summer mornings.

At the rear, a washroom stretches the full width of the van and offers a luxurious environment for your ablutions, with its swivel-seat Thetford loo, fashionable bowl-style washbasin, heated towel rail, XL-sized shower cubicle and bags of storage in cupboards and lockers.

Three other models from the 2024 range were not on display at the launch. They are the VIP 460, VIP 520 and VIP 565.

VIP 460

Coachman VIP range [2024] Raymond James


The VIP 460 is a couple’s caravan, where the sizeable front lounge converts into a supersized double bed in just a few minutes. The kitchen sits amidships and offers all the same quality and convenience as its bigger siblings: a Thetford hob, oven and grill, plus a capacious 91-litre fridge freezer and a decent amount of worktop space.


Coachman VIP range [2024] Raymond James

The large rear washroom is home to two good-sized wardrobes, as well as the ubiquitous Thetford loo, lovely basin and cabinet and large shower cubicle. This really is a couple’s haven in a relatively compact package.

VIP 520

Coachman VIP range [2024] Raymond James

The VIP 520 is a three berth tourer, with a make-up front double (from the lovely lounge sofas) and a side-diner that converts into a single bed. This could be ideal for couples with a younger child, or for hosting an occasional guest. In warmer climes, where you can live outside, the bed could be left made-up, for added convenience.

The well-equipped kitchen sits on the nearside wall opposite the diner, which means the diner table can easily be used as extra prep space when cooking.


Coachman VIP range [2024] Raymond James

At the rear is the large washroom, which features two wardrobes plus a Thetford swivel-seat toilet, heated towel rail and sizeable shower cubicle. The stylish basin sits atop a low-level cabinet which boosts storage. As always, Coachman’s focus on classic interior design means this is a pleasant, as well as practical, space.

VIP 565

Coachman VIP range [2024] Raymond James

The VIP 565 is the range’s only twin-single-bed model, with two good-sized single beds towards the rear of the caravan. This space can be sectioned off to create a separate en-suite bedroom layout, as the well-appointed washroom sits behind the bedroom.


Coachman VIP range [2024] Raymond James

In the front is a spacious lounge with parallel sofas and a console in between. The compact kitchen features a Thetford hob, oven and grill, a low-level 95-litre fridge/freezer and there’s also a good-sized wardrobe opposite.


The VIP range of tourers offers two, three and four-berth options, all of which share the brand’s luxury DNA. The fixed-bed options in particular, bring a touch of extravagance to proceedings, and you can choose between island double bed or domestic-sized twin singles. If you prefer a slightly smaller caravan the two-berth 460 and here-berth 520 are both brilliant options.

Whichever one you go for, you’ll definitely feel like a VIP when you’re comfortably ensconced in these fabulous tourers.



















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